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​​​​​Rysavy Research wireless training is effective and unique because it is not just academic, but draws on extensive consulting experience in the field. Peter Rysavy has been conducting wireless seminars since 1994, and has developed comprehensive course material. A training history is available here.​

A detailed outline for a one-day course is available here.

This one-day course covers:
  • Inherent technology capabilities of 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi networks. (Throughput, latency, capacity.)
  • Calculation methodologies of network capacity and key assumptions involved.
  • Principles of spectrum efficiency.
  • Relating spectrum to data bandwidth consumption.
  • Quantification of offload and small-cell architecture benefits.
  • Greatest 4G challenges for users and operators.
  • Key spectrum developments, including sharing, and issues/options moving forward.
  • Strategic industry directions.​

Instructor: Peter Rysavy

Private Training

Peter Rysavy regularly conducts private training programs, including half-day, one-day or two-day courses. Content can be customized based on your needs and interests.