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​​​​Rysavy Research is a consulting firm that can help you make sound technology decisions by analyzing market directions, technology evolution, and competitive technologies. We engage in projects ranging from half a day to many months. Consulting rates are based either on an hourly or project basis, and are competitive.

Rysavy Research draws on the following resources:
  • Over twenty years of experience in the wireless industry
  • Close association with experts in related technology areas
  • Contacts, many high level, in hundreds of high technology companies
  • Engineering management experience in both small and large companies
  • Engineering expertise in software, hardware and data communications
Wireless Technology Decisions:

We have helped numerous organizations make complex decisions on what wireless technology or application architecture to use to address specific problems.​​​​

Spectrum and Capacity Analysis:

We have sophisticated models for analyzing spectrum requirements relative to usage. We have analyzed and published on the spectral efficiency of many wireless technologies. We also assess optimal paths for spectrum sharing.​ Examples: analysis of spectrum efficiency in this IEEE paper​​; spectral efficiency discussion in this 4G Americas paper; and spectrum and capacity model in this paper​.

White Papers, Reports, Articles, Columns, Blogs:

Speaking and Training:

See our pages listing speaking examples and training details.

Wireless Expert for Litigation:

Peter Rysavy has worked on numerous patent litigation projects. Peter has written expert reports for both patent and non-patent cases, and has testimony experience. View a short video about his expert work in litigation here.Contact us for a CV with more details.

Test Projects:

We work closely with an engineering firm that has deep mobile engineering capabilities. Rysavy Research reports are objective and credible. More details in this testing and reporting overview​​.

Peter Rysavy Bio:

Peter has specialized in wireless technology since 1993. Projects ​include analysis of spectrum requirements for mobile broadband, reports on the evolution of wireless technology, evaluation of wireless technology capabilities, strategic consultations, system design, articles, courses and webcasts, network performance measurement, test reports, and acting as expert in patent-litigation cases. Clients include more than 90 organizations. 

Peter is a broadly published expert on the capabilities and evolution of wireless technology. He has written more than 150​ articles, reports, columns, and white papers, and has taught more than 40 public wireless courses and webcasts. He has also performed technical evaluations of many wireless technologies including cellular-data services, municipal/mesh Wi-Fi networks, Wi-Fi hotspot networks, mobile browser technologies, wireless e-mail systems, and social networking applications. 

From 1988 to 1993, Peter was vice-president of engineering and technology at Traveling Software (later renamed LapLink) where projects included LapLink, LapLink​​ Wireless​, and connectivity solutions for a wide variety of mobile platforms. Prior to Traveling Software, he spent seven years at Fluke Corporation where he worked on data-acquisition products and touch-screen technology

​From 2000 to 2016, Peter was the executive director of the Wireless Technology Association (incorporated as the Portable Computer and Communications Association), an industry organization that evaluates wireless technologies, investigates mobile communications architectures, and promotes wireless interoperability.

Peter Rysavy graduated with BSEE and MSEE degrees from Stanford University in 1979. ​